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Tiramisu-Truffle, 6 pcs

Article number: 14669

Tiramisu-Truffle, 6 pcs

6 Tiramisu-truffles with amaretto and mocha in dark chocolate, white spiked, 75 g
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Article number: 14669
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ohne Palmöl

Palm oil makes chocolates more robust and cheaper. We have consciously chosen quality and consistently do not use palm oil.

ohne künstliche Aromastoffe

Flavors obtained by chemical synthesis do not meet the requirements of our chocolates & truffles.

ohne chemische Konservie­rungsmittel

We do not use chemical preservatives and recommend storing chocolates in a cool, dry place.


We only use fine cocoa, which differs from consumer cocoa in its earthy, fruity, nutty and floral aroma.

von Hand geigelt

Handmade truffles are a specialty for true connoisseurs of chocolates. The chocolate spikes are longer and finer.

We refine our Tiramisu-Truffles with the Amaretto so typical for the Italian dessert. Instead of the traditional espresso, we use mocha liqueur for an even more intense taste experience. We coat the ganache in dark chocolate and then encase the truffle in white chocolate. The typical long chocolate spikes are only created by rolling the truffle on a grid with a praline fork; an unmistakable quality feature for high-quality truffles. Finally, we dust the pralines with cocoa. By the way, our dark chocolate has a cocoa content of at least 60%. The chocolates contain alcohol. We deliver them in a black and white patterned chocolate box.

Contents: 6 Tiramisu-Truffles with Amaretto in dark chocolate, white spiked

Shipping: We cushion your order with ecologically sustainable filling material made of paper and send it in our shipping boxes made of recycled material. In summer, free cold packs protect the chocolates.

Storage: Chocolates and truffles should be stored in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 15-18 degrees. Our chocolates do not tolerate strong temperature fluctuations, refrigerators and heaters. A wine refrigerator or a cool, dry pantry are ideal.

Durability: Our chocolates and truffles are made without chemical preservatives, artificial flavours and cheap substitutes. For the best taste experience, we recommend enjoying them fresh. Our chocolate specialities are often edible even after the best-before date has expired. The taste and alcohol are then occasionally weakened.

Praline mit 34% Edelbitterschokolade (Kakao: 60% mindestens), 23% weißer Schokolade und 8% Vollmilchschokolade (Kakao: 32% mindestens)

Angabe aller Zutaten im Endprodukt in absteigender Reihenfolge mit QUID- Angabe und Hinweis für Allergiker (fett).

Zutaten: Zucker, Kakaomasse, Kakaobutter, Butter (14%), Vollmilchpulver, Moccalikör (3,8%), Likör: Amaretto (2,3%), Glukosesirup, Kakaopulver (0,8%), Karamellzuckersirup, Emulgator: Lecithine, Invertzuckersirup, natürliches Vanillearoma, Ethylalkohol, Kaffeeextraktpulver, Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure, natürliches Kaffeearoma, färbende Lebensmittel: Karottenkonzentrat, Kürbiskonzentrat. Kann Spuren von Soja und Schalenfrüchten enthalten.

∅/ 100g
Energy 2294 kJ/554 kcal
of which saturated fat acids
38,8 g
24,1 g
of which sugars
41,5 g
39,8 g
Protein 4,1 g
Salt 0,08 g
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