Whisky Truffle, 6 pcs

Article number: 14643

Whisky Truffle, 6 pcs

6 delicious milk chocolate whisky truffles, 75 g
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Article number: 14643
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ohne Palmöl

Palm oil makes chocolates more robust and cheaper. We have consciously chosen quality and consistently do not use palm oil.

ohne künstliche Aromastoffe

Flavors obtained by chemical synthesis do not meet the requirements of our chocolates & truffles.

ohne chemische Konservie­rungsmittel

We do not use chemical preservatives and recommend storing chocolates in a cool, dry place.


We only use fine cocoa, which differs from consumer cocoa in its earthy, fruity, nutty and floral aroma.

ohne Gentechnik

Our chocolates and truffles are deliberately free from genetically modified organisms.

This whisky truffle praline is enriched with alcohol. The fine butter truffle ganache is refined with milk chocolate and Scotch whisky. The round truffle is dipped in dark chocolate. Our dark chocolate has a cocoa content of at least 60%. The milk chocolate topping is applied by hand with spray bags.

You will receive six handmade whisky truffle chocolates in a black and white chocolate box.

A praline with 44% dark chocolate (cocoa: 60% minimum) and 19% milk chocolate (cocoa: 32% minimum).

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butter (14%), Scotch Whisky (10%), cream (7,2%), whole milk powder, ethyl alcohol, emulsifier: lecithin, natural vanilla flavour. May contain traces of nuts and soya.

∅/ 100g
Energy 2341 kJ/567 kcal
of which saturated fat acids
41,9 g
26,2 g
of which sugars
29,8 g
27,1 g
Protein 4,2 g
Salt 0,05 g
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